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Frugal Ideas To Save With Starbucks Coffee

One of the things that we have cut out 100% is our trips to Starbucks. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to still enjoy our favorite coffee drinks but we just don’t want to have to play $5 for them.
It didn’t take me long to do a bit of searching and locate many sites that had copycat Starbucks recipes. I could be enjoying my favorite coffee drinks and saving $5 each time I had one. Another good thing is that I can adjust the recipes and save some calories too!
A person getting one coffee drink a day before work will average a $1,200 savings per year! That could pay for Christmas gifts, a  nice mini vacation or even stuff a freezer chest with steaks!

Learn How Earn Free Gift Cards At Amazon, Target,Walmart, Etc

This is a great find! Check this out! You go to this site,, open a free account  for the largest rewards program on the web. Use this site for your normal searches, shopping online, or maybe answer a survey. When you do, you are rewarded with points. Once you collect enough, you can turn them in and  trade them for gift cards for Amazon, Best Buy, Target and many other popular stores. This site has been featured in the New York Times, Women’s Day, MSN Money and  has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!
What a great way to get paid for doing what you normally would do online.

Tips On Being Frugal With Lynnae McCoy

Frugal expert, Lynne McCoy  spends almost an hour with Perry from” Afternoons with the Dove” tells us how she got started as a “frugalista” and taught herself how to save money and be frugal.
I think no matter how much of an expert you are, you will enjoy this interview and be able to pick up a few new tips.