Frugal Ideas To Save With Starbucks Coffee

One of the things that we have cut out 100% is our trips to Starbucks. It doesn’t mean we don’t want to still enjoy our favorite coffee drinks but we just don’t want to have to play $5 for them.
It didn’t take me long to do a bit of searching and locate many sites that had copycat Starbucks recipes. I could be enjoying my favorite coffee drinks and saving $5 each time I had one. Another good thing is that I can adjust the recipes and save some calories too!
A person getting one coffee drink a day before work will average a $1,200 savings per year! That could pay for Christmas gifts, a  nice mini vacation or even stuff a freezer chest with steaks!

Learn How Earn Free Gift Cards At Amazon, Target,Walmart, Etc

This is a great find! Check this out! You go to this site,, open a free account  for the largest rewards program on the web. Use this site for your normal searches, shopping online, or maybe answer a survey. When you do, you are rewarded with points. Once you collect enough, you can turn them in and  trade them for gift cards for Amazon, Best Buy, Target and many other popular stores. This site has been featured in the New York Times, Women’s Day, MSN Money and  has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!
What a great way to get paid for doing what you normally would do online.

Tips On Being Frugal With Lynnae McCoy

Frugal expert, Lynne McCoy  spends almost an hour with Perry from” Afternoons with the Dove” tells us how she got started as a “frugalista” and taught herself how to save money and be frugal.
I think no matter how much of an expert you are, you will enjoy this interview and be able to pick up a few new tips.

Frugal Travel Tips On Saving Money For Trips and Traveling

Since we have been on the travel theme for the for the last few days I thought I would hunt for another great bargain site. I think I found one that will please you.
It is called and it has sources for thousands of hotels, airlines, travel agencies, travel sites,etc. It will go out and find the best deals for you all around the globe.
You will enter in you travel plans and let ttp:// do the rest. They will bring you the best deals and then you can make the decision if you want to go head and book that deal.
Also, they have a “top 10 deals” which will give you crazy, low deals.
I am sure that you will be able to find many rock bottom deals with!
Happy Travels…………

More Frugal Money Saving Travel Tips

Maybe you are in the mood for a cruise?  is a perfect place for you to go to learn everything you need to about cruises, their destinations, shore excursions, top agents to help you,etc.
They have been featured in Travel& Leisure, The Wall Street Journal,, Kiplingers, USA Today and more.
Here is the thing that I like about this site, it is the absolute best site with the best price you can find on your cruise package and you can research and compare 33+ cruise lines all on the same site.You will not have to go from site to site, digging around for the prices and then do all the comparisons.
This is what you can expect from ;
you will browse the ships and decide which ship, destination, date, passengers and cabin type. Then over 300 travel agencies will all start working for you by putting together the best cruise package they can come up with. Once the quotes start to come in,  will notify you and you can take a look and review their quotes and what they are offering.
Here is the best part, the agencies do not have your personal contact information. So you don’t have to worry about getting non-stop phone calls trying to convince you to hire them. They will only have  your contact information once YOU decide to give it to them.
It’s really the best way to search for a cruise without feeling obligated to book with them and you will know that you have gotten the best deal for your money.
Happy Travels…….

More Frugal Travel Tips


Afraid to purchase a airline ticket for fear the price will drop? You can now to track your ticket for your travel Itinerary. You will enter in your itinerary and Yapta will track that and notify you if there is a price drop. They will even help you request a refund.
They use FareIQ Intelligent Price Tracking which monitors booked flights for price drops. is a great resource to help you help you make the most informed bid on Priceline or Hotwire
You will be able to get advice and pointers from other bidders and they can even give you an idea of what hotels are being used.
If you have ever used Priceline, you are asked to put in your credit card before you put in your bid. You can select the stars but have no idea of what hotels they are using at the time. Better Bidding allows bidders to hear which hotels are being used and how much they got the hotel for.
I personally have used this site and it has helped me a lot. I never would bid before I went to Better Bidding to see what is going on at the time.
Happy Travels………

Get Paid Back For Buying Things You Plan On Buying

ibotta Is a free app that lets you earn money for products you are going to buy. You will go to the site and open a free account and then select products that you plan on buying. They will have to do a “task” to earn a coupon or a rebate. You might be asked to watch a commercial.
Once you complete the task, you will go to the store and shop for the products. Once you get the receipt, you will take a picture of the receipt to prove you bought it, and then within 24 hrs, they will deposit the money into your paypal account.
This can be used in conjunction with store specials or manufacturers coupons.

Spring Break Frugal Travel Tips

With Spring Break beginning, many people are looking for great travel deals. I have found some cool travel sites that can save you a few bucks.
This site is great. It is free to sign up for it. You will enter the destination, and the dates that you want to travel. You will see a list of options and you can select from there. Once you select your flight, it will take you directly to the airline’s site and you can make your purchase there.
This is another great site for a smart shopper. You will go to the site and set up alerts for cheap airfare. They will send you a notice when something comes up.  While you are working, shopping or even sleeping, your watch dog is always looking for the best rates for you.
This site will help you find the best seat. You will enter your flight number and it will bring up the plane and let you see where you want to sit. They have over 700 plane maps and feedback from thousands of travelers who will give their feedback on a seat location. Also, there is a “guru advice” section and you can even find out if there is power ports by your seat.
I will keep looking for more frugal travel sites. Check back tomorrow and see what new sites I have come up with.
Happy Travels……

Save Gas By Organizing Errands With 3X5 cards

In my quest to live frugally and save money, I have had to teach myself to be more organized. I used to always jump in the car and head out with my errands and items I needed to buy, were all tucked neatly in my brain.
Well, you can imagine how that turned out. I would go into a store for only bananas and walk out with bags of things that I couldn’t live without and a receipt showing I spent $100+. The thing that was missing was the bananas! Naturally I wouldn’t realize that until I got home.
I did this over and over and over for my entire life. As you can see I am a quick study.
I finally have figured out a way to stop all the useless errands. I am saving time, money and gas.
I bought a package of index cards. I laid out about 8 cards and  wrote on the top Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Publix, CVS, Costco, Etc. I lay out the cards and leave a pen by the stack. Then when I think of something I need to buy, I write it on the store where I need to get it from. If I write down Charmin toilet paper on the Walmart card and I find a coupon for the Charmin, I will put it under the card. That way when I am going to Walmart, I will  not only have the list but I will also have the coupon.
When I am heading to a store or two, I just grab the appropriate cards for the stores and any coupons and out I go.  Now I can organize my errands and I have everything that I need to know what I need to get from that store.
I can’t tell you how much time this has saved me and gas as well.
Be disciplined and always keep your cards within easy reach and hopefully it will make your life easier and put a few extra bucks in your pocket.

How To Freeze Avocado’s For Later Use

I love homemade  guacamole but avocado’s can be really pricey if they are not in season. I don’t know about you but I am not willing to pay $3.50 for one avocado when I can buy them at the farmers market for 0.50 cents when they are in season.
Solution to the problem? Freeze them! I didn’t know this was a possibility but now I do know and I’ll tell you how!
First option is to just cut the avocado like you normally would. Remove the pit and scoop out the avocado from the skin. Then put it in the blender (or you can smash it by hand) and add one tablespoon of lime juice per avocado. Once the it is smashed to your liking, squeeze out all the extra air and put mixture into a freezer bag or a freezer safe container.
The second option is if you want full half pieces of avocado. You will cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and the skin  then pour 1/2 tablespoon of lime juice over the piece of avocado. Make sure you have completely covered the avocado with the lime juice.
Once you have done that, put the avocado on a freezer safe plate or tray and freeze. Once they have frozen you can transfer the frozen pieces into a freezer bag and seal the bag for later use.

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